A Penny is just as powerful
as a Dime on the 48th Floor
down the street from Times
and your first error
was thinking I could care
I'm not the head
in fact
up here answers are hard to find
I felt you for the minutes
as long as you could get drunk
on poetry I got second hand
like sloppy seconds
in bars showcasing country hams
we brought to Ivy League
for laughs
and stole the twinkle from girls
whose dreams took them to Hollywood
then started turning
when it wasn't looking good
She was 14 when she got the wrap
while I was slapped softly on the wrist
with a forgetful goodbye
and most have never heard of this
but if you get a mind
to stand looking for spange
I'm ready for another round
if you need loose change

Response to Loose Change
Dec 3, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan

For love the snow falls
the bodies weary winter
will find smiles in spring

Self Love
November 28, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan

Ten years gone
and the desert has blown by
I lost my soul in San Francisco
without an honest guide
How could I have left the west
and wanted the cornfields more?
I've gone too far away from home
and don't know what for
Thinking over meals
wishing to eat with company
and seeing that they
have thought of me
What could change in one year?
I hope so much for nothing
As it is nothing
that makes me care
about the homes
I left and lost
It is nothing
that will help me bare the cost
For having a dream
and losing it
To be better defined
three hits passed my mind

Three Hits Passed My Mind
November 28, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan

Letters and thoughts
over cards
This card
time passes
and in languish
I miss God
I twist thoughts
and get caught up thinking
about what I can't change
Shadow boxing with inklings
that this blood
can't hold back time
and reaching out
doesn't help my mind
With half a heart for love
as so much of me still wonders
what it means
to be siblings

Sisters and Brothers
November 19, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan

How's the weather?
Are you asking me
if rain is falling from the sky
or are you telling me
we are standing too close
but with small talk
we'll both get by
Because I don't have a degree
in meteorology
But if I had to guess
by your cold heart
you needn't worry a sunny day

Neighbors Who Don't Talk
November 17, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan

The day ends
the heart spins
On words left
in frame
That makes the inner soul lament
Could they mean more
Afraid to ask
Afraid to pass on clues
that they mean more to you
Are we children to love
Scratching back toward the womb
or lions waiting inside the den
Open your mouth
or only air will get in

August 23, 2014
Bedford Ave. & N 6th Street, Brooklyn

The fragile means
of meaning
Waver in the night
while the sun has yet to fall
Reciting it is day
in fragments, fractures
to healthy benefactors
We will give our time
to starve another day
and you ask me
What you should be?
I pressed pause on becoming
Numb in all signs
that fall on paper
and still run
Are you having fun yet
or are you anxious to be done
I can tell by the quivering frame
in your head you have a brain
But the answers to thoughts
Get l lost in the rain

Inabiltiy To Solve Paradoxes
August 22, 2014
Bedford Ave. & N 6th Street, Brooklyn

The greater thoughts
hidden within walls
Within ghettos
lost on the way
to some good war
Extorted for public policy
that politicians
will never extend
to the public
And must be sung
to an audience of none
As we sing in German
Like such form is any better
Maybe Germanic apologies
have a certain sensibility
that makes bankers lament
or maybe Communist
forgot to repay Warburg’s,
and all bonds
were separated
Before the early edition
and was replaced with ulterior motives
To scare people with clean face
to fear the Red race

August 18, 2014
Union Square, Manhattan