Mr. Brainwash Popup Show NYC
A selection of poetry from Lynn Gentry Prose performed at Life is Beautiful, the Mr. Brainwash popup show in New York City.
The Purple Onion
A dramatic comedy feature film set in San Francisco written, directed, and produced by Matt Szymanowski.
New York Poetry
A selection of poetry from Lynn Gentry Prose performed in Manhattan and the Boroughs of NYC in 2015.
New York Poetry
A selection of poetry from Lynn Gentry Prose performed in Manhattan and the Boroughs of NYC in 2014.
The Verse
A short film following a day in the life of a talented musician and poet by Lara-Ann de Wit. Lynn Gentry currently lives in New York making a living as a poetry busker.
Brooklyn Spotlight
Poet Lynn Gentry talks about his unique poems and the process behind them. Presented by the Barclays Center Television in Brooklyn.
San Francisco Poetry
A selection of poetry from Lynn Gentry Prose performed in San Francisco in 2014.
PayPal #poemgrams
Live chat with a poet to create a custom poem for your valentine. Your poemgram is a one-of-a-kind piece written right before your eyes.
A Place of Truth
Director Barrett Rudich creates an intriguing portrait of a woman bringing her charm, intuition, and courage to the daunting task of busking as a poet.
The Typewriter in the 21st Century
A film about a machine and the people who love, use, and repair it by director Christopher Lockett.
Requiem for the Living
Fans can preview and purchase the album Requiem for the Living via Bandcamp, or launch the iTunes application.
Pictures in Snow
A song about being discontent with the social behaviors of the priveledged from the Disposition album Requiem For The Living.
A song about trivializing ones emotional state through futile directives from the Disposition album Requiem For The Living.
Real Men Walk
A film that examines two friends' struggle through loneliness after their painful farewell by writer and director Anthony Russell.
The Huge Whisper
A two-day art and music festival at Thrasher Warehouse that featured 19 Bay Area Bands with nearly 400 attendees. Produced by Lynn Gentry and Matthew Welde.
Lynn Gentry is a multidisciplinary creative currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Lynn is best known for his style of performance based poetry, which began in the Haight­-Ashbury district of San Francisco, CA in 2009. Since 2009, he has written extensively under his brand Lynn Gentry Prose for national and international patrons; for various institutions including BRIC "Mapping Brooklyn" (2015), SFMOMA "Google Family Day" (2010­-11) and the Contemporary Jewish Museum "LGBT Family Day" (2011); for high profile companies including PayPal #poemgrams (2014), the Refinery29 "San Francisco Launch Party" (2011), 7x7 Magazine "Design Issue Celebration" at McLoughlin Gallery (2011); and for many private events. Lynn retired from his performance based poetry work in the fall of 2015 after continuing to write in numerous locations and completing a cross country tour during the summer of 2014. He will now only be found writing in public spaces on vary rare occasions.

Lynn majored in Jazz and World Music Studies at San Francisco State University and Music at Victor Valley College. He has performed his music at various San Francisco Bay Area venues; in Santa Cruz, California; the Darling Reunion in Veneta, Oregon; and in Indianapolis
and South Bend, Indiana. Lynn's style can be described as etherial, modal, electric folk, which he calls "electric freak folk", and uses modes to break from the idea that music should work toward an end. He released his debut album "Requiem For the Living" in 2012 with his former band The Disposition. His next solo album "Sleeper Birth" is expected to be released in 2016.

Lynn has been featured in various documentaries including "A Place of Truth" (2013), which was awarded Best Documentary Film of the 2014 Emerge Film Festival, and "The Typewriter in the 21st Century" (2012). He has been credited in two feature length films, namely "The Purple Onion" (2015), which premiered at the Asian American International Film Festival in NYC and "Real Men Walk" (2011).

With a particular interest in alternative venues, Lynn has produced a small repertoire of music and art events. Most notable are "The Huge Whisper" (2011), a two day art and music festival that featured 19 Bay Area Bands including The Blank Tapes, Con Brio, Buxter Hootn', and had nearly 400 attendees; and "The Beggars Banquet" series (2009) featuring SF based songwriters and local foodies.
Please direct email inquiries to:
Lynn may be contacted for both public and private events concerning poetry or musical performances, for film opportunities, and for inquiries relating to event production. Individuals requesting a poem can do so by clicking the requests link above.

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