On to another road
late as we have always been
Eyes lit up
We are not dreaming
Not Stiffs
Constant energy
Flow by
Beyond fluidity
See me on high
Mid stream
In being
stopped at the body
We sympathize
running with legs too short
we fell behind the wise
but man
Now is beautiful
All colors floating in the same dream
No four walls,
pigs and holes
To fight for our souls
We are more than ever
Righteous in being
and if you're not hip to it yet
Call it a dream

July 27, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

Crash down
from speed of sound
The street cred deficient
on a mission
to take the Mission
without a struggle
that can't be solved
by the law
and the almighty dollar
at work
Now even the locals are honking
You don't have to travel
to New York
to find jerks
I'd open my mouth
but the bill for freedom of speech
is too high
If the city council
can't get a word in
How am I supposed to get by
I'd like to say I've got an answer
but why try
I'm stuck in traffic
watching the parade,
The last float of locals,
Is driving away

Aliens On Parade
July 25, 2014
19th and Valencia, San Francisco

Ring your bell
I've toked your toll
but I'd rather rip on mine
I'm lost most days to your system
Trying to stretch LSD out of my spine
giving thanks to Mary
OG Larry
fused into me
Let me find a tent
to see the Holy Trinity
reveal life to me
because I'm lost inside a system
that's without a paddle
up a creek
I feel much better stoned
at the end of the week

July 24, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

Sally Hemings
hemmed and hauled
in silence
dropped her jaw
She in shadows
sat away
In the company
of history
She slipped
out of poetry
Too dark to paint
her face
and what price
should we pay
for the story
Depends on silver dollars
or reserve
I'd pay two dollars
every time
If Sally would tell me
every word
As Thomas
hasn't the nerve

$2 Bill
July 20, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

Spins Fall
in curve
the year
Too lengthy
from my peers
For the trips now
to remember
I saw a bagel,
a biscuit
and contemplated gravy
but from the GMO's
who's gonna save me
A Goose will fuck you up
much worse than your mother
and I still can't believe
this shit's not butter

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
July 10, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

Lost on the road
no one is going to find now
The face closed in the mirror
shows no depth to who you are
Mind traveling still
You burned your bra
in the fifth grade
Your sister was a high school whore
Your mother kicked her out at 17
You lie to both their faces
but know you love your sister more
Sometimes on the road
you see her in your eyes
The last time you saw her
you were introduced to Molly
now she keeps company
with a white woman uptown
She makes her money as a model
You're trying to live it down

July 5, 2014
19th and Valencia, San Francisco

What could I say
to stop you in your tracks
and make you rethink your day
The world's ears are already sick
the roll & roll niggers
have been sold to pricks
The safety pins sit safely
who the fuck is next to rape me
My feet are tired
and I can't sit down
because Haight ain't what is used to be
You can't see me
Rise from the dead
and help us move past this
Avril Lavigne is pissing
on your ashes
Now the fair skin boys are buying sin
manufactured from China for Hot Topic
Gabba Gabba Hey
We all need a pay day
Gabba Gabba Hey
We all need a pay day
We have no souls left to sell away

June 22, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

Existent circumstance
Echo in the dance
By chance
we are here,
but tell me
are we living?
I am a bastard of America's steam
too proud to have a dream
My blood was stripped
and sold fresh from slave ships
then taught to learn to deal with it
So I have trouble trying to buy
faith in humanity while high
You would book me
if I gave your daughter nookie
Look me in the eye
and tell me why
I can't get high
You've forgotten your history
and me I'm sick of being
The truth is what you make it
and my eyes are tired of seeing

June 22, 2014
Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco