Turn all the five
and ten cent hex
Away from peace
Then kill the Beast
and try the mind
To believe
When left behind
In such constructs as time
They are not the wind
that blows
To whisper into
yesterday's trees
To give satisfaction
in what they eat
Forgotten Apes
of ancient jungles
With too many brains
to be humbled

January 19, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

Screened flaws
received to applause
Boys will be boys
in spite the cause
Monstrous hunger
breeds history of rape
and with so many wolves
outside the door
it's hard for sheep
to escape
Why vote in elections?
The shadow of the majority
is invisible
Until erections
Their bodies
will be voted on
and written off
without so much
as a f aint cough
Displayed through the story
the media portrays
using such fake sentiments
like community
As woman starve
on communion wine
Wishing they too
were extended Jesus body

January 14, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan.

Space echoes
of time lost
from reason in the mind
Yet ears hear
the words
one does not say
Are you ok?
Do you need a place?
All so simple in phrasing
but the depth of self
when realized
is truly what is amazing
To be healed
from spirits
that creep
into dreams
Devastating the mind
beyond the means

January 12, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

The combinations
of two and three
give relation
to the Beat
As this is a place
that polyrhythms
have sequences
as fluent as breath,
but what would keep me breathing
The want to be
or substance
to believe in
Life has taken a route
to believe in two
as the third
Is always left with doubt
and Solomon will always be wise
but how can I be Sheba
in lesser eyes

January 7, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

Should I seek the way of the world
or Truth
and who is going to fight
When I gain understanding
to know
that the root
of what we believe
is not right
How am I to give my heart
when the herds run off
to forty hour weeks
As I'm just behind
the Tongue
has clues
to save itself
The senses have response to help
but doctors have drugs
and habits have needs
So who the fuck needs me
without a degree
To speak high enough
on a soap box
As rain washes away the message
etched in chalk

January 7, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

Seeking the Peace
within the pieces
Left by the Beast,
the screams
that call out the abyss
devouring the fleece
Making me seek more layers
while searching for self
Capturing souls
for one
in whom I care
As I take in a city
to travel a course
Before I get divorced
from New York
I'd like to gain one thought
or a line
To whisper in your ear
the day I turn back to sunshine

January 7, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

I'd like to seek the moon
because the moon has your eyes
So let me meet my cow
to take my rise
an astronaut
of lonely thoughts
Wishing for days of past
just to ask you a question
For which I know you would say yes
So that I won't need the moon
to make you confess
But now the moon has your eyes
so I envy the Sky

The Moon
January 7, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan

Here in the lost flow
of vibrations
that drift to air
In calming windows
with rest
The result is medicinal
Even if the diet is rarely
pushed with exercise
By those who say they know
to not eat sweet
but be sweet
To understand that we
Were not meant for cows and wheat
As joints feel like tongues
that instill the suspects
Left with economics blinding will
but still even with history
We say it is a mystery

It's A Mystery
January 6, 2015
Union Square, Manhattan